Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Methamphetamine Recipe Hits the Streets

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The trafficking of Methamphetamine has become an epidemic in the United States. It became the perfect drug when cartels and gangs realized that all ingredients necessary to create the drug were over-the-counter sinus and cold medication and household chemicals. Unfortunately for the rest of society it is also the most addictive substance on the market and ruins the lives and bodies of its victims and their families.

Pseudophedrine, the common cold and sinus medication used to make Meth has been regulated along with Ephedrine due to excessive abuse limiting each person approximately 30 pills per month. Production of Meth requires the extraction of the ephedrine from the pseudophedrine . Each major Meth Lab production requires hundred of pills to produce a batch so the regulations put a damper on production......Until now.

There is a new recipe for Meth popping up around the nation called the "shake and bake" method. Rather than requiring an entire lab with fuel igniters and constant explosions, small time addicts and dealers have figured out how to make Methamphetamine with nothing more than a two liter coke bottle, just a few Pseudophedrine pills (completely legal in quantity to buy) and some ammonium nitrate found in instant cough and cold packets at the local grocery store. Shake up the concoction and you have one of the most potent and addictive illegal drugs on the market.

Authorities believe the new Meth recipe to be in its early stages of evolution and expect an influx of new labs and Meth addicts producing their own supply. Meth addicts ARE crazy and get violent and paranoid at the snap of a finger. The best thing authorities can do is crush labs and put Meth freaks under real surveillance. They live for that rush and the second they get out of jail they almost always get back to business. Good luck America! The Tweekers are back and now they all have a copy of the recipe!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Breast Implants Identify Murder Victim

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When a mutilated female body was found in Los Angeles, California stuffed into a suitcase, authorities used a different strategy than normal to identify the victim. It wasn't DNA or dental records.....It was fake boobs!!!!

After realizing that both the teeth and finger prints of the victim had been removed, the coroner had the good sense to realize that the female body had breast implants. All the confirmation they needed was right there on the serial numbers still present on the implants.

The victim, Jasmine Fiore was only 28 years old. She was a beautiful model and actress. As of right now, authorities believe her murderer to be a wealthy man she married in Los Vegas in March who she was trying to divorce. This man, Ryan Alexander Jenkins, has apparently fled to Canada where he has citizenship. According to BBC News, "He was taking part in the show Megan Wants a Millionaire. Described as an investment banker, Mr Jenkins was one of several wealthy young men trying to win the affections of a young woman in the show. The TV channel VH1 cancelled the series after he was identified as a suspect."

So where is Mr. Jenkins now? There is a reward of $25,000 for information on his whereabouts. Find him fast before he kills more supermodels!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swiss Bank to Expose American Customers

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Swiss bank accounts are not only enticing for their high interest rates, but even more so for their anonymity. Until now, Swiss bank UBS AG has allowed foreign customers to open accounts with the promise of customer confidentiality. For this reason alone Swiss bank accounts have been the perfect place for money laundering and tax evasion.

The IRS has now reached an agreement with UBS AG to give up the names of approximately 4,500 American accounts open at the Swiss banking institution. In total the accounts have withheld as much as $18 billion dollars from the U.S. government. There still remain another 45,000 accounts held by American clientele that will remain untouched and private because the IRS believes them to be legitimate tax paying citizens with offshore accounts.

So who will make the headlines for tomorrows biggest money laundering and tax evasion scheme? Another crooked politician? A wallstreet mastermind? Drug cartel? I guess we just sit back and watch the headlines now!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Jackson's Moonwalk Glove for Auction

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The first time Michael Jackson did the "Moonwalk" across the screen in 1983 it was magical. He floated across the floor effortlessly wearing a left handed glove enmeshed in sparkling rhinestones. This particular glove has been labeled the "Holy Grail" for collectors of Michael Jackson memorabilia.

Since Michael Jackson's untimely death at only age 50, the famous glove will be put on the auction block in New York City's Time Square at the world famous Hard Rock Cafe. The Rhinestone Glove has been in the hands Walter Orange, leader of the group The Commodores since Michael Jackson's original release of the "Moonwalk" was aired on television for the 25th Motown Anniversary Special. Michael Jackson, who was still a member of the famous Jackson 5 took his first major solo moment when he "Moonwalked" across the stage alone and performed his legendary Billy Jean. After that moment, Michael Jackson was a true star and his career exploded.

I wonder who ends up with the famous glove of Michael Jackson? Walter Orange say's, "There's a hundred other gloves out there, but this is the one you want. He blew up after that (performance) with 'Billie Jean. The world should see this. This is the first. That's the song that made him shoot through the roof as a superstar."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fat Man Smuggles Gun into Houston Jail

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After being arrested in Houston, Texas on charges of DVD piracy, fat man George Vera was brought to the Harris County Jail. Vera, who ways an astronomical 600 pounds smuggled a 9mm handgun past the guards at central booking by hiding the gun in the rolls of his fat!!!

Even crazier is that after approximately 14 hours of incarceration it was George Vera himself who admitted to having the gun and two fully loaded clips stored in his own body fat. He decided to tell jail guards of his secret just before entering the showers.

Vera has been released on bond and it is unclear wether or not he will face additional charges for posession of controband in jail. It's no wonder drugs and weopons are so prominent in jails and prisons. Shouldn't jail guards know by now that you have to search the entire person, even if that is a greasy 600 pounds? Imagine what else this guy could sneak into the joint!!! Talk about using your resources!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor First Hispanic Supreme Court Justice

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Sonia Sotomayor makes a historical gain for the Hispanic community and for US history becoming the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. After a controversial run with politicians who tried to prove that "she could not separate her race from the law", Sotomayor is victorious in her long pursuit of the Supreme bench.

A 17 year veteran federal judge, Sonia Sotomayor will not only be the first Hispanic ruling on the Supreme Court, but also only the 3rd female to ever be honored with the position. Her nomination was confirmed by a 68-31 vote!

We truly are living in an era of "change" as Barack Obama would put it. We have an African American running the Oval Office and a female Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. I'd have to say the good ol' US of A has come a long way in settling its racial differences.....at least in politics. That being said, the American people can hopefully get past the surface judgements as well and let the past be a lesson and not a hindrance. I know too many people who hold themselves back in the world because they continue to believe they are oppressed. Welcome to the 21st century people! Get up and make something of yourself......you CAN!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hard Times Call For Counterfeit Money

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Everyone dreams of being able to just print their own money. After all, that's what the government does when it runs out, right? Sometimes even to the tune of $700 billion dollars to bail out businesses that make poor choices and screw the US economy. Unfortunately for the common citizen, counterfeiting money is not only illegal, its is a federal offense that sends you directly to the Federal Pennitentiary. That doesn't stop people from doing it though especially in the worst economic times since the Great Depression.

Recently, a rise in printing and circulation of counterfeit money has cost business owners countless thousands of dollars and put both teenagers and adults behind bars. The most effective technique used to make counterfeit money that can pass the iodine pen test and sometimes even bank run tests is to use real US note paper, and that's just what today's counterfeiting rings are doing. They are taking a $5 bill which already has the presidential watermarks on them, bleaching the ink off of the bill and then reprinting a higher currency on real note paper! That's just awesome in my opinion!!! Wrong but awesome!

Officials say that right now counterfeit money is up to about 3 tenths of 1 percent of all currency in circulation. North Carolina has recently been hit hardest with business owners reporting the acceptance of around $60,000 of counterfeit money in the past year. That's a full time professional salary right there. Whoever is at the top of the ladder in the counterfeiting ring is getting filthy rich. The same style of counterfeit money has also shown up in Southwest Florida, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

What I would like to know is if it is really a counterfeiting ring behind it all or just a lot of normal people in need of quick cash who found a good recipe on the Internet for counterfeiting money. After all, just by reporting this article, I just learned how to do it and so did you......................

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hackers Attack Twitter and Facebook

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What if global Internet hackers launched a coordinated attack to disrupt our latest channels of communication? Even worse, what if their success was just a small scale test run? Well, Internet hackers have just disrupted top social networking sights Twitter and Facebook exposing the vulnerability of our favorite ways to send personal messages and use the Internet to market our goods and services.

Experts expect that a single group of hackers is most likely to blame. The hackers used a method known as a "denial-of service" attack where they basically flood the server with requests for communication and therefor block out everyone else. The results left Twitter immobile to users for a span of several hours and kept Facebook users from accessing their accounts and updating their personal profiles.

Aleskei Oreskovic reports that "The incidents follow a wave of similar cyber attacks in July that disrupted access to several high-profile U.S. and South Korean Web sites, including the White House site. South Korea's spy agency said at the time that North Korea might have been behind the attacks. "

It remains unclear whether or not we are dealing with a global hacking force intent on disrupting our daily communication. The best thing security specialists can do is squash the bug before it grows.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

President Barack Obama's Health Care Plan to Cover Abortions

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With the topic of abortion still being one of the greatest controversies of our time, President Barack Obama is planning to cover abortions through his newest health care reforms and government insurance policies. Those receiving the President's health care policy would not have to worry about the current stipulations now surrounding abortions from most insurance agencies stating that the woman in need of the abortion must be a victim of rape, incest, or that the pregnancy may kill the mother if she does not have an abortion.

Of course the fanatics are going crazy on both sides of the fence! Pro-Life advocates, or those that oppose abortion, argue that current stipulations should remain and therefore be transferred over to any new type of insurance policy. Those from the Pro-Choice side say this mentality is ridiculous and it should be the choice of the women to have the child or not. After all it is her body and nobody else's!

The issue of abortions will no doubt be a great hurdle for President Barack Obama in selling his new health care plan as it will once again divide the masses on this controversial issue. Obama's health care plan has it's sights set on insuring the 50 million Americans who cannot afford health insurance or are being denied insurance altogether. The new plan also states that there will be no people who are denied insurance due to "pre-existing conditions". The President's plan will also put a cap on the amount of money insurance agencies are allowed to charge people per year in an effort to bring fairness back to health care. As he has stated several times "America should not be a country where people go broke because they get sick".

All I have to say is, "Amen to that Obama!" Unfortunately the abortion debate will no doubt divide the public in regards to who supports Barack Obama's new health care plan and who does not. Here's an idea for everyone.........If you want to have the abortion, your covered and if you are against abortion than you don't have to get one! In case we haven't all noticed lately, some people are not fit to be parents. To me that means that they shouldn't be especially if they already know it before the child is born. Bring on the arguments people!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bill Clinton Brings Home US Prisoners from North Korea

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After months of negotiating over the custody of two US prisoners sentenced for illegally crossing the North Korean border, it was Bill Clinton who met with leader Kim Jong Il and finally walked away with the two female journalists, returning them safely to US soil. It seems that although Bill Clinton is no longer President of the United States of America, he is still a driving force in international relations. It doesn't hurt his credibility either that Hillary Rodham Clinton is now the Secretary of State. We may be seeing old Bill Clinton involved in more than his share of public politics again after this one.

The two American female journalists were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor at a North Korean labor camp for charges of illegally entering North Korea from the Chinese border with "intent to commit hostile acts". The negotiations for their release have spanned over 4 months.

Kim Jong Il used North Korean mass media outlets to portray himself as "humanitarian" and "peace loving" after he released the journalists. Yeah Right! This guy is hell-bent on starting the next World War. My guess is that he really just wants the US off his back so he can return to shady nuclear projects aimed at stirring the world into its next frenzy. Anyone who can't see that one needs a seeing eye dog! Either way.......Thanks Bill Clinton! You've still got it!

Is Email Killing the Post Office?

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Imagine a world with no paper back books, no birthday or Christmas cards arriving in the mail, no newspapers and no magazines at your door. That's what we see now in the age of the Internet and "smart phone". Due to the ever growing use of email to send personal messages, the U.S. Post office is becoming yet another victim of tough economic times and is showing a $7 billion dollar loss this year even after the recent rise in stamp prices by 2 cents in May.

As the population becomes more technology savvy using email and text messaging, communicating with family members around the world no longer requires the service of the friendly mail man or courier who has been serving our communities since we settled this continent. Sending and receiving information from around the globe is done at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse and is almost instantaneous with high-speed Internet.

As technology advances, more people are carrying "smart phones" such as the Blackberry and I-Phone. Email is sent and received directly from the phone and people are browsing the Internet while they ride the subway train. So what does this mean for the U.S. Post Office and its thousands of employees? Will the Post Office become obsolete? We can only hope not. Without the Post Office it won't just be greetings cards not being delivered right to your doorstep........what about the gift packages?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Strain of HIV Discovered in Africa

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As HIV and AIDS continue to spread at epidemic proportions across Africa and the rest of world, a new strain of HIV has now been discovered in Cameroon, Africa. The 62 year old African female tested positive in 2004 for the new human immunodeficiency virus recently discovered as a simian virus in Gorillas.

Until recently, the three major strains of HIV are derivatives of the simian virus found in wild Chimpanzees mainly in Africa. It is still under question as to how the virus was transmitted first go Gorillas and then to human beings. Treatment for the new strain of the HIV virus has yet to be produced and it is uncertain how widespread the strain actually is in Western Africa. HIV continues to be a death sentence to those infected as patients typically develop full blown AIDS within 10 years.

Although there is no known cure, with the proper treatment an HIV patient can live on indefinitely without developing the AIDS virus. Basketball superstar Magic Johnson contracted the HIV virus decades ago and through extensive treatment and monitoring he has actually driven the virus to a weakened state. He remains an exception to the common case however due to his financial ability to fund ongoing recovery and his athletic background which has given him the gift of a powerful immune system.

Israeli Police Evict 53 Palestinians in Jerusalem

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In East Jerusalem, police dressed in riot gear have evicted 9 Palestinian families after an Israeli Supreme Court ruling that this land originally belonged to Jewish families. According to BBC news, "The operation to evict the 53 Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah district of the city was carried out before dawn on Sunday by police clad in black riot gear." Each dwelling was immediately occupied by new Jewish families.

Israel's decision to eradicate Palestinians from one of the most fought over city in history will undoubtedly have a ripple effect across the globe.

Israeli and Palestinian officials have unsuccessfully attempted peace agreements for decades and this instance will no doubt spark the next chapter in what I would personally call a "holy turf war".